What is the cloud and cloud computingWhat Is The Cloud?




What is The Cloud & Cloud Computing?

Ok you have been hearing about it but what is the cloud? The Cloud term is really a metaphor for an environment that combines, servers, software, networking and storage all in a single converged infrastructure located in a secure datacenter. The term "the cloud" and "cloud computing" are used interchangeably.

We are in the midst of a technological paradigm shift. The future of computing as we know it is rapidly moving to the Cloud, so keep yourself informed.

"Working from the cloud means you have access to all of your programs and data 24/7/365, from anywhere in the world."


Why Use The Cloud for Computing?

 There are many advantages to use cloud computing for example:

  • Personal access to very high performance hardware
  • Superior data handling and hardware resource allocation
  • Remote access to your own powerful computer from anywhere in the world allows you to "work on the go"
  • Dedicated or Virtually Dedicated options.
  • Rock solid uptime at data center with backup power and internet connection.
  • Exceptional reliability.
  • Faster internet speed and network performance

What is Cloud Computing?

Simply put, the term "the cloud" is referencing the infrastructure and products that make it all possible. The term "cloud computing" references the utilization of that infrastructure.

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